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Keep your trip safe during the pandemic

Current pandemic situation around the world doesn’t seem to be changing soon. We have to accept the new reality we all are now facing. A lot of people decided not to take any vacation this year. Some of those decisions were made because of closed country borders or simply because of the fear of the danger that might come along with traveling by public transport. Also one of the biggest fears connected to traveling was having contact with a lot of unknown people in the public areas such as airports or train stations. 

 The situation we are in must not keep as apart from taking a rest, under one condition. Our trip needs to be planned responsibly and the safest way possible. The most important things we need to think of before deciding to go on a trip during the pandemic:

  • It is safe to travel by your own car, which let you keep away form crowded places, like airport or train station;
  • It is neccesary to specify exactly where you want to travel to and check if your dream destination is possible along with current government restrictions. When you travel inside the country you live in it won’t make any difference, but if you decide to travel abroad, you need to check if your destination is currently possible to go to;
  • Keep an eye on current situation and notifications made by government to make sure, that you can still take your trip; 
  • If you feel like taking the trip right now is too dangerous the best solution is to change the date and wait until situation will get better and the risk will be smaller;
  • After deciding where you want to go, there’s a decision of where to stay in. Finding the best place to stay, look for safest places possible. Before booking any accomodation do some research on a place you chose, make sure that the place is safe for you. Also check some opinions on the internet, ask your friends for recommended places;
  • Every part of your trip should be as safe as possible. After going to a store, restaurant, gas station make sure that you respect the safety rules. Make sure you disinfect your hands every time you go back to your car;
  • Even the most accurately planned trip can cause danger on some level. That’s why after you come back, please spend a few days at home, avoid contact with other people, to keep yourself and others safe. 

Let’s plan our trips responsibly and keep them as safe as possible, for ourselves and people around us.