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Virus-free car

Restrictions that came along with pandemic are being reduced by the goverment. For example, we are able to go to the restaurant again. Also lot of companies decided to bring back working from office. There are more cars in the streets, which means that more people returned to using their cars more often. But the question that appears – Is it safe?

The scientists proved that the coronavirus stays on plastic or steel surfaces up to 3 days. It means that our cars can be a perfect enviorment for the virus to develop which means it can be a danger for us. Along with accepting a ‘new reality’ we should bring desinfecting our car to our daily habits. Where to start?

Before using your car make sure that you disinfected you hands. The same product can be used to disinfect your car, but make sure it doesn’t has chlorine which can destroy some plastic or leather elements.

Disinfect all surfaces in you car, that you or your passangers touch – starting with tha handle and coming all the way around (door, mirrors, steering wheel, buttons, seatbelts and other surfaces)

Outside it’s important to remember to regularly wash the car and disinfect only the most touched parts, such as trunk door and handles. Also remember about washing car windows.

Interesting discovery is that sun has positive impact in prevent the coronavirus, being more specific high temperature that our car reaches on warm days. Scientists of University in Georgia proved that when the temperature outside is 20 celsius degrees the inside of the car reaches around 45 celsius degrees. In that case after one hour high temperature will reduce almost all of the viruses in the air. the higher temperature the quicker time to reduce viruses.

Let’s not leave our safety completely to the nature and let’s make sure that we keep ourselves safe. Regularly clean our cars, disinfect the most touched parts of it and keep our safety.