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Parking in Warsaw – changes in the city

Parking in Warsaw has always been quite difficult – low number of available parking spaces, lack of spaces, a lot of cars in the streets – all of these where everyday situations for Warsaw drivers. Changes that came along with Coronavirus also effected a parking area. 

Warsaw City Road Administration decided to do their best to keep people living in Warsaw healthy and safe during the pandemic. For example one of their goals was to give people the oppurtunity to pass each other on the sidewalk keeping the safe distance from each other. To improve that change they needed to reduce some parking spaces that where placed on the walking area. Not wanting to cause difficulties for the drivers they gave them premission to park on the streets in particular spaces. Important information it that those changes aren’t temporary. They will stay with us even when the goverment restrictions will be gone.

Parking on the pavement is forbidden on:

– Jagiellonska Street

– Wilenska street

– Ludnej street

– Odynca street

– Sokratesa street


The representatives of Warsaw City Road Administration made sure that along with reducing parking spaces on the pavement, the space for parking in general doesn’t get any smaller. Seeing first positive results of reducing parking spaces on the pavements on couple of streets, such as possibility to keep safe distance, they are planning to bring this idea to other Warsaw streets.