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How to prepare yourself for a long drive?

Before any long driving spell, one should complete some serious preparatory measures. A car in a proper technical condition and a well-rested and focused driver will be guarantors of safety on the road. What can we do to make the journey pass quickly, stress-free, and most importantly, without any bad surprises?

The first and foremost, every driver should avoid driving if not having had enough sleep. No matter how many energy drinks or cups of coffee on the road, you just won’t be able to beat the fatigue. A tired driver is a dangerous driver; there are no exceptions to this rule. In short, it can be much better to take a rest and depart later than to pose a danger on the road.

Before you get into your car, check the engine oil and other car fluids: in the brakes, the radiator, and the power steering. It will only take a moment of your time but in return, you will get confidence that nothing bad can happen to you from this side. Also, do have a good look at the tires and their proper pressure. And don’t forget the spare wheel as you never know when it may come useful.
When planning a longer trip, pack in a spare container of wiper fluid, and a can of engine oil and radiator fluid. Also, don’t forget a fully-equipped first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a high visibility vest, and a warning triangle.

So much for the technical side. Surely, if you sense an odd feeling of something going wrong with your car, detect a slack in the steering wheel, or just “something” in the transmission, make a visit to a car garage. A basic overhaul beforehand will cost little money compared to what you’d have to pay in need on the road, that is most likely a tow truck to a car garage somewhere en route. And just let’s keep in mind that no matter what the car make or its production year, any vehicle can just break.

Another useful point on your pre-travel agenda is making a plan for it. Best will be to check a few different routes, run a maps update in the navigation system, and just in case, get some printed maps, too. You just never know when they may come in handy.

If you are going abroad, find out the speed limits there, and check for the road rules. It can be a good idea to download an app to help you locate parking spaces, such as winkPark, as it operates globally. You can find this particular solution especially useful in big cities. WinkPark will it help you park in a stress-free manner, and it will save you a lot of precious time.

Remember that a well-planned journey, even a very long one, won’t be tiring if you take proper breaks and, if possible, swap with another driver. And most importantly of all, just ensure for yourself a peace of mind, which a thoughtful car preparation process can surely be a part of.

Safe travels!