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We are a member of The Polish Organization of Parking Industry

Experiencing daily problems with parking? They will cease to be a problem soon! SPARKING is a young company which currently implements its innovative winkPark application. Thanks to winkPark, drivers community will be able to help one another find parking spaces in the increasingly busy city streets, and in a stress-free manner, too. We develop cutting-edge mobile applications and comprehensive software and systems which base on social networks. We boast an experienced team of experts who specialize in developing solutions in the IT and business areas. We want to stay ahead of the consumers’ expectations, and to deliver professional solutions throughout. This is why we’ve joined the Polish Organization of Parking Industry, which is a member of the European Parking Association. By doing this, we’ve joined the community of those who strive to positively influence the rising quality of Polish urban spaces, add to the legislative process, and shape high market standards.

Polish Organization of Parking Industry is an independent organization which brings together entrepreneurs-employers who operate in the parking industry. This includes car parks operators, suppliers of parking systems, and those who provide consultancy and legal advice in this regard. Our winkPark application fits in just perfectly as it helps bring parking operations to a completely different level. A driver who installs this app will be able to help one another by marking available parking spaces for others. They will also strike new acquaintances and build a community of people for whom finding a parking space shall no longer mean a daily nightmare but, rather than that, becomes a pleasure.